My Vision Therapy/'Prescription' History/Timeline

Being impatient has always been my past downfall.

3/13 R: -7.25, -0.75 80 | L: -8.50, -0.75 90 (Original Rx)

10/14 R: -5.75 | L: -7.00 (+1.5/Dropped Asitg)(Bates Method Forum Advice/Carelessness)

1/15 R: -7.25, -0.75 80 | L: -8.50, -0.75 90 (New Eye floaters developed)(Back to Original)

5/15 R: -7.25, -0.75 80 | L: -9.25 (Eye Exam)(Astigmatism dropped randomly?)

9/15 R: -7.25 | L: -8.75(Found EndMyopia/Impatient and careless)(Dropped Astigmatism by adding -0.50 Diopters then dropped both eyes by +0.50)(Bounced around with lower, sometimes unbalanced contacts as my focal plane varied/Careless)

4/4/16 R: -7.00, -1.50 90 | L: -8.75, -0.25 91 (New Optometrist Rx/Unworn)

4/10/16 Normalized: (R): -6.25 (L): -7.75 (R:16cm L:13cm)(+1.50 Diopters lower than Original Rx without Astigmatism)(No more carelessness)

Rick Simpson Oil - RSO - CBD Oil - Cannabis Oil - THC - Legal Marijuana

I consumed 3g/ML of High CBD 1% THC glycerin at first, which was heavenly and euphoric. CBD is amazing.. I then took a half a mL/g and instantly felt it working.. Shortly after took the other half mL/g and drifted into another state of being. I took another mL/g this morning and feel absolutely amazing.. I finally have a sense of healing.. It's beyond belief.. Everyone needs to try this. Established smokers can function, but gosh I wouldn't want to work or have to do anything I don't want to do.

Reduce Eyestrain From Technology

Have you ever considered how white your screen actually is? Have you ever seen something so white before? Blue light in computers/cellphones/tvs/etc. have proven to affect vision and disrupt sleep cycles. As if close up work wasn't bad enough for our health, we now have to worry about the lights on technology negatively impacting our lives. Thankfully for us, very smart individuals have recognized the issue and have created multiple fixes for most of our everyday devices.

F.lux - Reduces blue light and adjusts to a more red light background that also adjusts your screen brightness based on your timezone and the position of the sun. Cannot recommend this enough for your laptops or desktops.

IOS - Settings-Display and Brightness-Night Shift-Manually Enable-Adjust Color Temperature

Android - I do not own an Android, but it's the same concept.